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Top 5 eCommerce Websites in 2016

Consumers have a plethora of preferences not only for products but also for shopping locations. In brick-and-mortar stores, certain people are swayed by the interior of the store, others like the variety of products that is offered, and the rest just choose a certain location because it’s close to their homes. Similarly, people have certain preferences when it comes to shopping online.

If you still haven’t discovered your favorite eCommerce websites,

we would like to provide you with the list of the best sites available for you in 2016.



QVC.com is a website that stands for “quality, value, and convenience”. This website branched-off from a shopping channel on television, and currently is the leading multimedia shopping company in terms of viewers and revenue. Some of the leading product categories are: beauty, home goods, electronics, apparel, and jewelry.

eCommerce Websites


Of course, Amazon.com had to be on this list. As you know it sells products out of its warehouses and also from third-party sellers. The company is continuously investing in research and development to offer the best possible experience for its users. Additionally, Amazon.com has been continually recognized for exceptionally good functionality and amazing customer service.


Jet.com is a fairly new eCommerce site that offers significant discounts to its users. It’s a company with a fun attitude and presence (judged by their logo – “smiley face” and their Instagram account). The website includes products from all of the major categories, ranging from health and personal care, household, electronics, furniture, toys to fresh groceries. Jet.com is a direct competitor to Amazon.com, but they have a different business model. In order to provide the users with deep product discounts, they don’t upcharge their products. Instead, they get a cut from retailers on every sale.

eCommerce Websites


Similar to Amazon.com, but it’s an eCommerce site that first started-off by selling surplus goods that were surplus from various eCommerce websites that went bankrupt. Additionally, they have a program called Worldstock, where they collect handcrafted products and sell them worldwide while providing the artist with no less than 60% of the sale price.


Etsy.com is an extraordinary marketplace compared to the rest of eCommerce sites on this list. If you’re getting ready for a friend’s birthday, Etsy.com is the perfect source for unique and interesting gifts. Most of the items sold on Etsy.com are handcrafted accessories, clothing, jewelry, etc.


We hope that this list will help you discover your favorite eCommerce site.


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