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Top 3 Fun Polling Apps 2015

There’s something weirdly satisfying about taking a just-for-fun poll. Whether it’s a Buzzfeed quiz to find out what Mean Girls character you are or a poll to decide what flavor of ice-cream wins – people love to have their opinion included. But what are the best apps to curb your poll contributing wishes?

  1. Polar

Polar  is a simple to use, user driven polling app that allows users to create public or private polls using imagery. It can be used to get opinions on logo redesigns, posters, wedding dress styles and more! Polar is much more image based than the other two that made this list – so if you’re into giving your opinions about style, or interior design then this is the app for you!


2. Cinch

Similarly to Polar, Cinch allows you to create and take polls at your leisure. These can range from company created polls to users just wanting help on what they should have for dinner.. A unique feature of Cinch is the ability to ask specific groups of people. Looking for a new housemate and need an external opinion on whether they’re a weirdo? Ask your group of friends in the app! The beauty of Cinch is that in order to use the app – you have to verify with a phone number, so at least you know they’re all real people.


3. Pyne
Pyne is a great polling app if you can find someone who makes polls you love. Integrating its own, unique ‘social media’ type feel you are able to follow comment and interact with other users in a more seamless way than in the other apps on this list. Plus, it brings in hashtag searchability. Want to give your 2 cents about dating? Search #dating! The downside is that because it’s ALL user generated – you get some questions that are completely irrelevant to you. But, you can easily skip and move right along!

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