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Most Newsworthy Super Bowl Commercials 2015

Super Bowl excites not just football and finger food fans, but also viewers that love a good commercial. Just as fans expect big wins for their team, they also expect a lot from advertisers. Super Bowl commercials from 2015 had a string of themes, particularly a lack of “funny” commercials and a new emphasis on …Read More


Why Men Shouldn’t Have Access to the Internet After 7 p.m.

The Internet is a dirty, and often scary, place. And not to point any fingers, but male’s online dating, harassment and pornography habits can be inexcusable. And these behaviors hardly compare to female’s online activity. 1) Online Dating Noticed how dating online is becoming more socially accepted? Well, that’s probably because 40 million people have …Read More


Black Friday Statistics 2014

In response to a survey conducted by BlackFriday.fm where over 11,000 people were surveyed regarding their shopping plans and tendencies for Black Friday, some interesting trends and behaviors were observed. The survey uncovered the most popular places to shop; Walmart, Target, and Best Buy took the lead. Some dissatisfaction was observed by consumers due to …Read More