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Summer Vs Winter: The Seasonal Debate


It’s a debate that just needs to be fleshed out, summer vs winter. Which is the most appealing season? You either love the cold or you love the heat – some people are in the middle but as a general rule most people can’t decide between these two seasons. It’s time to get to the bottom of this one once and for all.

For comforts sake:


No matter how cold it gets, one can always put on more layers of clothing or additional blankets. The choices are endless for getting more warmth. When it’s hot there’s only so many layers of clothing you can remove without ending up with a fine for indecent exposure. You sweat through your clothes too, so stickiness is a factor. It is much more difficult to sweat in winter, so it seems as though it’s the most comfortable season.


The retort for feeling more comfortable in summer is that winter clothing is restrictive and tiresome. Having to check the temperature before leaving the house and wearing the necessary amount of layers can be tedious for some and often a hard skill to master. This results in people either wearing too little or too much and finding themselves uncomfortable outdoors. Rather, in the summertime, it’s generally warm so the choices for clothing are simply easy, breezy and free.



There’s a reason the term “winter wonderland” exists – you’ve never heard the term “summer wonderland” before… If you’re lucky enough to live in an area of the world that gets snow, you will surely know how beautiful a blanket of the white stuff makes everything look. Even the snow falling is a gorgeous wonder of nature.


Many say life’s better in color and the summer sun definitely brightens and contrasts our surroundings, whereas winter time can feel very dull. The flowers from spring are in full bloom, the grass and trees have never seemed so green.The bright sky and daylight lasts much longer, and it’s widely known that sunlight is good for your emotions.



There’s a huge list of activities perfect for the wintertime. Skiing, tubing, snowshoeing and relaxing in hot springs. Making snowmen, ice skating, snowball fights, hot cocoa, christmas shopping, all those gorgeous holiday outings we know and love.


Okay, so perhaps the summertime might win out on the activity scale. There’s plenty on offer when the weather is warmer. Including, beach days, hiking, biking, picnicking, strolling through the streets or park, going to the pool or tanning on your roof/deck – the summer gets people outdoors and spreading some sunshine.


Both summer and winter have their positive and negative attributes, and perhaps this will never come to a proper conclusion because we’re debating two very opposite sides sides to the same coin. The choice really isn’t up to chance though, it’s up to you. Which side are you on? Do you prefer the winter or summer time? Let us know in the comments below!

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