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Why do People Share Content Online?

We may be beyond people naively saying “let’s go viral”, but people still want to know how to create content that will gain the attention of users, and gain organic shares. Knowing ‘why’ people choose to share one piece of content over another is the easiest way to gaining these organic shares.

1. Ego
Social Media is built to in a way that let’s us choose the life we want to live, or at least appear to live. Content that helps feed ‘user ego’ by making them look good to friends and followers is more likely to get more shares. For b2b marketing, consider making something that will make them look smart, while for b2c choosing an image that’s funny or relatable will likely result in more shares / engagement.

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2. Something ‘New’
People get bombarded with content all day, everyday – so when they come across something ‘new’ – they’re more likely to share it. Take this experience advertising by Contrex – a french bottled water company. They chose to go outside the box with their advertising, filmed it in an aesthetically please way and were rewarded with shares and organic engagement.


3. Solves a Problem
When people have a problem, they turn to the internet (or Google) for answers. If you have a solution to a commonly experienced problem for your target market – then solve it! It could be as simple as producing an instructional infographic and posting it on Pinterest! If it’s useful and non-salesy, it’s more likely to get shares

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