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OFFSITE NYC: Hands-on Case Study Meetings

👤 🕔 April 18, 2013 0

When meeting with a new client, group, model, or project, a case study gives you the best grasp at what to expect. Reports and analysis of the research needs to be descriptive and strategic.

When it comes to seeing this research, what is the comparison between in-person case studies versus online case studies? Hands-on versus hands-off?

Online case studies make the information more accessible in regards to time and location. The information becomes easily sharable – yet is the client getting the full perspective of the product? There are advantages to in-person case studies, specifically in consumer products. You want to see the goods, not just hear about them. It holds a stronger context when you are able to see and touch the product. You are able to collect more data in person.  If you make the decision to analyse a project in person, where would you take your meeting?


If you are searching for a location in New York City to hold your next product display, client meeting, set up creative workshops, or just a place to collaborate with friends and coworkers, check out OFFSITE. Located on 52 West 39th Street, OFFSITE is a place that you never imagine could have existed. This is midtown Manhattan’s newest and most evocative venue for your next corporate meeting and private event. Designed and wired to inspire creativity and optimize productivity, OFFSITE was literally built from the ground up with the perfect gathering in mind. From the state-of-the-art A/V system to the comfortable yet versatile decor, this sprawling, 3-story enclave offers the ideal backdrop for your next board corporate meeting, brainstorming session, focus group, product launch or social event.


The entire building; designed for your creative outburst, was done so by non-other than the ingenious (and award winning) minds at Ovadia Design Group. Featuring floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls, custom-designed 50-foot displays for showcasing products, and many beautifully engineered “sweet spots” all throughout its 3 floors; all at your disposition. The philosophy of each space specifically mastered to encourage the “Free flow” of your mind.

Fully equipped and seamlessly connected floor-to-floor, OFFSITE boasts technology that is second-to-none, including a complete audio/visual system with multi-screened synced projections on five 60”-80” LED 3D TVs, digital smart board, surround sound, iMacs, iPads, and live music integration that comes standard with your rental. From live camera feeds and audio/video conferencing capabilities to our award-winning plug-and-play Halcon conference tables and high-speed WiFi, your every tech-requisite has already been thought of and wired for.

  • Synced or independent video display on two 60” and one 70” Sharp LED 3D TVs on The Main Floor, a 70” Sharp Aquos Digital Smart Board in The Mezzanine, and the industry’s largest 80” Sharp LED 3D TV in The Underground

  • iMac desktops, iPads, iPod docks, and AppleTV throughout

  • Versatile and removable Halcon Motus conference table with built-in A/V integration and seating for up to 30 guests

  • Surround sound and live music input integration

  • Pre-wired live camera feed for viewing in any area

  • Conference call system and video-conferencing capabilities

  • Wireless microphone for presentations

  • Private, high-speed Internet and WiFi

Visit their site to get in contact and see what else OFFSITE has to offer!

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