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Most Newsworthy Super Bowl Commercials 2015

Super Bowl excites not just football and finger food fans, but also viewers that love a good commercial. Just as fans expect big wins for their team, they also expect a lot from advertisers. Super Bowl commercials from 2015 had a string of themes, particularly a lack of “funny” commercials and a new emphasis on caring dads. However, there were some ads that broke the mold and proved to be the most newsworthy ads of Super Bowl XLIX. These ads garnered immense media coverage and social conversation. With the Super Bowl less than a month away, we wonder if the same companies will prevail or if another brand will take their spot.


Budweiser, Best Buds

Budweiser won over crowds with it’s cute story of Best Buds. See the Budweiser Clydesdales help return their owner’s last puppy in the cutest commercial of the Super Bowl. Delighted fans shared the commercial on their own social media platforms, and replayed the commercial on YouTube almost 31 million views.

NFL Domestic Violence PSA

In 2015, the NFL was shaken with domestic violence tragedies and controversies including Baltimore Raven’s Ray Rice video and trial. The PSA drew attention to the issue and the NoMore organization, which works to end domestic violence and sexual assault. In an engrossing rendition of a 911 call disguised as a pizza delivery, this PSA stimulated thoughtful conversation about domestic violence and finally relieved the NFL of some scrutiny.

Nationwide, Make Safe Happen

Nationwide had everyone talking, but maybe not for the right reasons. The insurance company shocked viewers with this scaring-tactic about child safety. Following public outcries, Nationwide resorted to releasing a statement about the advertisement. Although many viewers felt the ad ruined Super Bowl fun, many advertising professionals found the ad bold, but effective.

Which ads did you find to be the most newsworthy from 2015? What do you expect from the 2016 Super Bowl commercials?



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