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Why Men Shouldn’t Have Access to the Internet After 7 p.m.

The Internet is a dirty, and often scary, place. And not to point any fingers, but male’s online dating, harassment and pornography habits can be inexcusable. And these behaviors hardly compare to female’s online activity.

1) Online Dating

Noticed how dating online is becoming more socially accepted? Well, that’s probably because 40 million people have tried it. This social change can be attributed to positive experiences with online dating. After all, about one third of married couples in the United States met online. Nevertheless, there are plenty of bad fish in the online dating sea. Online dating still requires hesitance and inspection, especially when looking at the number of married men and lies told on online dating. 

2) Online Harassment 

While both men and women experience online harassment, women experience significantly more online stalking. These threats and unwanted comments leave many women feeling upset. Although blocking can be an option, most of these accounts are led by strangers and difficult to avoid. 

3) Pornography 

Pornography is perhaps the best reason to limit men’s web surfing. About 68 million daily webs surfs inquire about pornography. And the number of searches on child pornography is horrifying.

In articles both by Business Insider and the Pew Research Center, men can be held accountable for the following, startling statistics. By putting a curfew on men’s web surfing habits, we wonder if these scary statistics can be reverted.


Online Men at 7 p.m



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