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Lunar Eclipse Effects on Pregnancy

Just incase there weren’t already enough things for a pregnant woman to worry about, 2017 brings with it a total lunar eclipse and also legends warning expectant mothers of the lunar eclipse effects on pregnancy.

The Aztecs believed a lunar eclipse was a result of a bite taken out of the moon. This idea translated into Mexican superstition that a lunar eclipse can take a bite out of an unborn child’s face.

Hindu text credits the eclipse to the head of the demon Rahu, who ate the moon or the sun. Below are a few of the superstitions for moms-to-be during the lunar eclipse.

1. Do not go outside during the lunar eclipse

It’s believed that pregnant women can cause facial deformities or birth marks if they leave their house during a lunar eclipse.

2. Don’t wear metal

Pregnant women should avoid wearing sari pins, hair pins or jewelry. An Indian based astrology site advises this, as it may also cause facial birth defects.

3. DO wear metal, and red underwear

This myth contradicts the previous legend, that pregnant women SHOULD wear metal. Mexican superstitions say wearing a safety pin (traditionally, a woman might have held a knife close to her belly) and red underwear offers protection against a cleft palette. Of course, there have been no proven links between a cleft palette and a lunar eclipse.

Whether you believe these myths and legends or not, if you’re an expectant mother during the lunar eclipse, you could choose to follow these suggestions (the ones you choose to) to be safe, rather than sorry?

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