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List of Biggest Political Issues Today Based on Public’s Vote

Gun Control

United States citizens always ponder on the issue of gun control. 53 percent of people believe that there shouldn’t be more restrictions to purchasing guns; only to mentally ill and criminals. While on the other hand, 47 percent of people who voted believe that purchasing a gun should require a strict background check.


Abortion is another topic that is discussed quite often. 37 percent of individuals believe that abortion should only be allowed in extreme cases of rape or danger to the mother or the child. While the rest believe that the government should not have the power to ban it or it should only be banned after the first three months of pregnancy.

Political Issues Today


There has been some discussion about the requirement to work for physically and mentally capable adults who are on welfare. 80 percent of voting participants believe that they should be required to work. 20 percent of individuals believe that they shouldn’t be required to work and their benefits should expire after two years of unemployment or they should prove that they are looking for a job or a training program.

Welfare Drug Tests

73 percent of participants agree that anyone receiving welfare support from the government including employees and politicians should be tested for drugs. On the other hand, 26 percent think that it is a waste of resources and only individuals with criminal history related to drug abuse should be tested.


Obamacare has been a controversial topic for the last few years. 45% of people support Obamacare, while 55 percent think that government should not be involved in healthcare and that the market would be open so insurers would be forced to compete with one another and eventually reduce the cost that the consumer is experiencing.

Political Issues Today

Global Warming

62 perfect of participants believe that government should increase environmental regulations to prevent global warming and they should provide incentives for alternative energy production. Conversely, 38 percent of voters believe that there shouldn’t be any increase in environmental regulations and that global warming is a natural occurrence.

Vote Fraud

There have been discussions about vote fraud and 80 percent of people believe that photo ID should be required while 20 percent believe that it shouldn’t be required – and 3 percent of people believe that individuals should be automatically registered to vote as soon as they turn 18.


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