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Funny Fall Memes, for Halloween Enthusiasts

It’s the most wonderful season… wait, “meme-son” of all! 

Cue the pumpkin spice and everything nice because the first day of fall is here and so are the funny fall memes that represent the infamous “fall everything” enthusiasts!

Have you ever been one to consider yourself a fall enthusiast? You’d probably know if you’ve been tagged in something like this:

funny fall memes girl with pumpkin

Or this:


Am I right?

So, to all of the fall enthusiasts out there, if you don’t let this lingering warm weather distract you, September 22, 2016 (today) offically means that all of your favorite fall activities are allowed without question! Meaning, you can do this:


That’s right, put away the swimsuits and bring on the leggings and sweaters because it’s here, and well, there’s really no escaping it.

So, let’s talk fall and all of the funny memes that we can expect to see on social media as our favorite season continues to unfold!

1. When the outfit changes kick in.

funny fall memes excited squirrel


2. Ah yes, this also means UGG season.


3. But don’t worry, most daily tasks carry on as usual…ish.


4. When the Halloween enthusiasts have had their costumes prepared for months!


5. So naturally, they take out their over-excitement on their pets.

funny fall memes pug latte


6. But hey, since they’re prepared, they have plenty of time to help their friends too.

Lastly, if fall season and Halloween spirits are ever in short supply, it is important for fall enthusiasts everywhere to remember these four basic principles.

1. There’s no such thing as over-doing it.


2. You will encounter non-fall/Halloween enthusiasts. Avoid at all costs.

funny fall memes grumpy cat


3.  Remember your training when someone tries to change your ways!


10. And if all else fails, remember the wise words of Marnie’s grandmother in the Disney classic, Halloweentown.


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