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Why Dogs are Better than Cats

Why dogs are better than cats, or vice versa, is one of humanity’s oldest debates. Some believe that it comes down to the personality of the human who is seeking a pet, while others believe that some people are born innately a “dog person” or a “cat person.”

Check out these reasons as to why dogs are better than cats as you look to take a side in this age-old debate.

Dogs can be Service Animals

Thanks to their ability to be trained in obedience and other basic tasks, dogs have long been used by the disabled, those with disease, and by the military to work as service dogs on varying types of missions. Service dogs go through weeks of training, from puppy stage to adult stage, before becoming a service dog. Over 1,800 dogs are placed with those in need each year to act as service dogs for the disabled. Another reason why dogs are better than cats is that on the military front, service dogs have saved approximately 10,000 lives since being integrated into the military for the first time during WWI.

Dogs have a better Sense of Smell

It is no secret that dogs have a fantastic sense of smell. From cartoons to real life, this fact is impressed upon humans from an early age. The average dog’s nose contains between 149 million and 300 million scent receptors… which is far more than the average 70 million scent receptors of a cat; this is yet another reason why dogs are better than cats. Using their intense sense of smell, dogs have long been used by the armed forces and police units as a way to sniff out bombs or follow the scent of a criminal.

A Larger Percentage of American Households have a Dog

This is perhaps the largest reason as to why dogs are better than cats; America has spoken through its actions, and the ASPCA has confirmed that approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States of America contain a dog, while only 30-37% of American households contain a cat. This is not surprising when one considers the more outgoing and companionable nature of the vast majority of domesticated dog breeds.

Dogs are Obedient

Dogs are born with a natural desire to want to be obedient to a master. While it does take training from the puppy stage onward to foster this natural desire, any dog owner will tell you that this reason is one of the main reasons why dogs are better than cats. When trained correctly, obedient dogs will fetch items, protect their owners, and may even have the opportunity to compete in obedience competitions with other dogs.

Dogs Can Protect Your Home

These reasons clearly outline why dogs are better than cats. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts!

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