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How to Connect IP Router with PC?

If you want to set up in your router, then you should log in to the router. You need to change the IP address for the IP address confliction problem solution. Unnecessarily, you do not need to change the default IP address. For many reasons, the default IP address is used. However, if you want to change your default IP address and replace another IP address

Now you have to find out the default IP address of your router and replace the http 192.168.l.254 IP. When your IP address setup, then make sure that the default IP address that you want to change is from the same IP address class. You cannot replace an IP address from a different class.

How to Connect Router with PC?

  • Step 1: Connect your new Router with your PC with an ethernet cable.
  • Step 2: Open Browser and then type or or www. > Press Enter.
  • Step 3: it will ask you for a username and password. Enter default username and password which is,
  • Username: admin
    Password: admin/pass/password
  • Step 4: Once done, you will access the Router Admin page. Now go to Wireless Settings to change Password or change Router IP Address and save settings.

You can do this manually or with the wizard tool. But if you use the Wizard tool, then you will enjoy saving time. This Wizard tool lets you set up all important things quickly and you have to click on the next to next button one after another and keep putting some asking data on the form and save it. When you use a wizard tool, the router will let you set up some settings for Wi-Fi security. You can do all of those settings manually but you have to find out those places and set up everything. This is why I recommended users to use Wizard tool always.

You need the default IP address or that IP address that is running on your router. You need to add this IP address with the ping command to know the connectivity of the router. You can use any ping command from “ping” or “ping 192.168.1..1 -t” to know the connection between computer and router. If your router uses the different IP addresses, then you need to use that IP address with the ping command. An IP address should be pure numbers and you cannot use anything else with the IP address.

Some users try to router login with the IP address “ setup “keyword. They apply the keyword on the browser address bar and press on the Enter button but the browser shows the Error message. You cannot use a letter or word with the IP address. Even you cannot use more or less dot in the IP address. Only 3 dots can be placed in the IP address. So you keep the IP address alone and pure if you want to make it running.

I hope you enjoyed this article regarding how to access Router Admin Page and default Username and Password. Comment below if you need any help.

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