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American’s view on growth inequality gap

A recent study of Pew Research has shown that Americans are convinced that the inequality gap has grown. While most of us will agree on that statement, many people have a different opinion of the reason of the gap growth. Is it because of immigration? The power of the reach people? Or is it completely Obama’s …Read More


Lunar Eclipse Effects on Pregnancy

Just incase there weren’t already enough things for a pregnant woman to worry about, 2017 brings with it a total lunar eclipse and also legends warning expectant mothers of the lunar eclipse effects on pregnancy. The Aztecs believed a lunar eclipse was a result of a bite taken out of the moon. This idea translated …Read More


Turning Survey Results into Infographics

Surveys are a great way for businesses to find out information for industry case studies, content marketing purposes or customer analysis, but what’s the best approach for turning survey results into infographics? One of the most common ways is to utilize free online infographic tools. Some of the best infographic tools on the market are …Read More


History of Easter Bunny

The History of Easter Bunny tells us of the evolution of religion and symbolism that happens over centuries. A folklore figure and symbol, the Easter Bunny is depicted as a rabbit that delivers Easter eggs. This folklore creature originated among German Lutherans, first portrayed as a hare which judged children on their “good” and “bad” …Read More


Summer Vs Winter: The Seasonal Debate

  It’s a debate that just needs to be fleshed out, summer vs winter. Which is the most appealing season? You either love the cold or you love the heat – some people are in the middle but as a general rule most people can’t decide between these two seasons. It’s time to get to …Read More