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Bumble: How do people feel about it?

That gentle buzz of your phones wakes you up, you turn over and see a new message from an online potential. In your morning daze you question a) when did you like or right swipe this guy  and b) does he really think that line will work on you?!

In an age where dating involves filtering through profiles to find your Mr. Right and putting up with the unwanted rantings of messages from every Tom, Dick and Harry; it is definitely time for a change.

Whitney Wolfe, former cofounder of Tinder launched a new dating app that gives the power to the ladies. Wolfe has just received a $1 Million dollar settlement from a sexual harassment lawsuit against her Tinder co-worker Justin Mateen. Wolf and Mateen had been dating and after they broke up he began calling her inappropriate names and exhibiting abusive behaviour at the office which lead to her allegedly being forced to resign from Tinder (Business Insider).


Whitney Wolfe took the power in her hands and created the new dating app Bumble. This app only allows ladies to start a conversation with a guy and the the app allows users to send instant photo messages, Snapchat style!

So how do ladies feel about the new style of dating app that is Bumble? Well according to our recent poll, 87% of females say they feel “empowered” by the new set-up – stating that it stops the creepy conversations experienced on other free dating apps. Ladies have 24 hours to initiate a conversation once the match has occurred or it disappears. This method eliminates the ton of unwanted messaging from prospective gentlemen and gives the ice breaker power to women to start a conversation, taking away the social stigma and they love it! It does move away from the traditional approach to a gentleman counting a lady and girls prefer a guy initiating.

What do the gentleman of the online dating world think of Bumble? Turns out guys love it as well! With 68% of males enjoying the decreased pressure to start a conversation they feel on other apps.


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