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Why do People Share Content Online?

We may be beyond people naively saying “let’s go viral”, but people still want to know how to create content that will gain the attention of users, and gain organic shares. Knowing ‘why’ people choose to share one piece of content over another is the easiest way to gaining these organic shares. 1. Ego Social Media is …Read More


Screening Questions: What are they?

In an age where consumer opinion can be the “make or break” of products and services, it is becoming increasingly important to implement screening questions in the initial process of surveying. So what are screening questions? Screening questions are questions placed at the beginning of a survey in order to determine whether respondents or households …Read More


Top 3 Fun Polling Apps 2015

There’s something weirdly satisfying about taking a just-for-fun poll. Whether it’s a Buzzfeed quiz to find out what Mean Girls character you are or a poll to decide what flavor of ice-cream wins – people love to have their opinion included. But what are the best apps to curb your poll contributing wishes? Polar Polar …Read More


Game of Thrones: To Download, or not?

Whether you were gunning for House of Stark over House of Lannister in Season 1, preparing to go to battle with Tyrion as he rallied the troops in Season 2, fighting back tears of complete anguish over the Red Wedding in Season 3, following it to the bitter sweet revenge between The Mountain and the …Read More


Bumble: How do people feel about it?

That gentle buzz of your phones wakes you up, you turn over and see a new message from an online potential. In your morning daze you question a) when did you like or right swipe this guy  and b) does he really think that line will work on you?! In an age where dating involves …Read More