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Black Friday Statistics 2014

In response to a survey conducted by BlackFriday.fm where over 11,000 people were surveyed regarding their shopping plans and tendencies for Black Friday, some interesting trends and behaviors were observed.

The survey uncovered the most popular places to shop; Walmart, Target, and Best Buy took the lead. Some dissatisfaction was observed by consumers due to many of the sales beginning on Thanksgiving. Despite these findings, 70% of shoppers said they intend to go shopping on the Thursday regardless. Can’t resist those sales.

It also seems that the economy is seeing an improvement finding that 87% of consumers are spending the same amount of money or more than they did in 2013 according to the survey results.

As for online sales, they’re getting better. Beats having to deal with the crowds for sure, 73% of those polled said that they would be shopping online for some of the sales. Considering the waiting times, shopping online is looking like a pretty good option with 15% of shoppers saying that they’ve waited in line for over 5 hours for Black Friday deals in the past.

The results are posted below in the 2014 infographic showing the most notable statistics.


via BlackFriday.fm

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